Hello, I’m Dustin. I enjoy making things for a living—mostly visuals—and brevity.

If I were to expound on that however, I would say that I’m a video editor and producer based in Chicago. I enjoy pondering big ideas, probably to a fault, but that’s part of the idea of this site here. I’m trying to give some of these ideas a home and get them out in the world, maybe someone else likes to ponder these things too. Anyway, that’s out of my head now.

Here’s what I’m up to now.


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Here’s some other interesting people publishing online.


I love seeing how people work, so I thought I’d share some of my tools and processes.


  • Blot.im — Lovely little tool to make files in Dropbox into a blog.
  • Byword– My mobile cross-platform text editor. Room for improvement I feel like though.
  • Sublime Text– My desktop editor of choice for in depth editing.
  • Backblaze - Backup your computer without thinking about it. (Get a free month of backup with that link!)


  • Bitbar — Shows various bits of data in the menu bar. (Apparently called xbar now)
  • Quitter — Manages windows and apps I’m not currently using.
  • Alfred — Feels weird using a computer without it. (Read more)
  • Workflowy — Almost an understatement to say my life is in Workflowy.

Time Tracking

  • RescueTime — Still gets the job done to provide a good overview of how I’m using my computer. Also feeds data to Beeminder, see below.
  • Toggl — Pretty much mandatory for client work, and I love that it shows my current task in the menu bar. (Read more)
  • Beeminder — Long term goal tracking and monetary motivator.


  • Feedbin — 100% worth the small cost for a calm place to read the internet.
  • Hypothesis — My web highlighter of choice.
  • Libby — Read digital library content like magazines and ebooks. Mainly for the magazines. (Read more)
  • text only NPR — Only mentioning it here because their text only website and hourly news updates are really what I want the news to be if its not video.


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