I'm on the internet!

Instagram.com. Am I late to the party? I like to think I'm hesitant to join the majority because I'm scared of the commitment but I'm probably just lazy. 

Anyway, I'm intending to use Instagram more this year, as a pseudo-portfolio. Mainly for work things. This blog will be the origin of all that I put out, but as I understand, a lot of people are using this app, so why not join the party! 

While I'm on the topic, I'm also on the following social networks, and a brief description of each:

  • Instagram: Mainly stuff I make.
  • Twitter: Mostly automated from things I find online, articles and then my tumblr blog. I also talk to people here.
  • Tumblr: This was my main blog, but now I use it as an online scrapbook.

That's what I intend to keep up to date. I'm email friendly too. 

Side Hustle Preview

I believe I’m in the majority when I say I want to have some kind of side hustle. Just some kind of residual income in the background would be ideal. This post is not to describe my business model but just to get it started. I uploaded some old images to two stock sites a few months ago, and am just now seeing some sales come from them. I share this as encouragement because my assumption was that if you don’t sell within the first month, the algorithm pushes them to the bottom. But I’m happy to report that’s not the case. Not that I have a new revenue stream but it’s encouraging to see some sales come through.

I hope to update this process in the coming weeks, but in the meantime why not try to increase traffic by providing more links. My goal is not to advertise but to share my experience with this and increase everyone’s quality in the process.

My Creative Market store

Lighting 101

I wanted some practical hands-on practice, seeing how to alter lighting, so I put the camera on a tripod, turned off all the lights and then turned on one lamp. It's easier to control the light when there's fewer options. With just some aluminum foil and diffuser, I made about eight different setups. It's the easiest way to understand something as clearly as possible when you do it yourself and see what changes what in the frame.

Making Ideas

My stake in the ground on making ideas reality.

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Choose the right goals

I’ve been learning and thinking about goals lately. It’s important to have a goal for almost all endeavors, something to strive for and assess if you’re learning correctly. I think this segment of a speech touches on that well. And I believe it’s always good to have a reminder to really look at oneself (for the right reasons) and question our motives, and recalibrate our goals.


I seem to have this same thought every year around the time a new iPhone is announced. I guess it's the best representation of it. The thought is this: do we need this?

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