Scripture Memory – 1

A long-term goal I’ve always strived for has been memorization. I want to have what I consider important at the forefront of my head space. Being that scripture is important to me, I thought I’d start there. And the more senses you stimulate, the easier it is to remember things. That’s how this came to be.
The artwork itself came from my girlfriend. When I first saw it, I knew it lent itself to being animated. It was kind of self explanatory, that the growth would be the main motivation for everything. I wanted the main type to flow onto the page. I knew how I wanted it to look, but the method for getting there wasn’t at first obvious. I had a “shower thought” that using particles as a mask could work, the only motion I need is the initial expansion, after that, I could just use regular masking tools to hold the visibility of the letters. It took a lot of tinkering with particle velocity and then aux particle velocity, but the end result is pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Tip; the size of the particles increased over their lifespan much more quickly than I originally guessed.

I hope to make this a more regular practice. I learned a good bit from this and am happy with the results. Feel free to use the phone and desktop wallpapers if you would also like to practice memorization.