2017 Recap

In an effort to put a bow on my year, here's some of my favorite things I read, watched and listened to this year, in no particular order.


  • The Glass Box And The Commonplace Book – stevenberlinjohnson (Article)

    • "...the connective power of the web is stronger than its filtering..."

    • "...When text is free to combine in new, surprising ways, new forms of value are created."

  • Knowing Scripture | R.C. Sproul (Book)

    • "...Private interpretation opened the Bible for laymen, but it did not do away with the principle of the educated clergy..."priesthood off all believers"...does not mean that there is no distinction between clergy and laity."

    • This is one reason why we must temper our zeal in criticizing scripture by allowing scripture to criticize us: we need to become aware that the perspective we bring to the word may well be a distortion of truth. 

    • Great insight into what Bible study can (and should) look like. Very pracitical, brief examples of what he's proposing. Conversationally written, but still academically engaging. Would love to re-read in the future.
  • Sacred Marraige | Gary Chapman (Book)

    • We don't make public promises that we will regularly nourish our bodies with food or buy our-selves adequate clothing. Everyone who enters the marriage relationship will come to a point where the marriage starts to rub somewhat adversely. It is for these times that the promise is made. Anticipating struggle, God has ordained a remedy, holding us to our word of commitment. In this struggle we become nobler people. 

    • This book was given to my wife and I as a wedding present and I reccomend it because amid all the relationship books written, I think it's a great resource for all Christians, single or married
  • When our culture’s past is lost in the cloud | Nicholas Carr (Article)

    • "A physical connection between the present and past is wondrously forged through the medium of time-stained paper,” she writes. But that “distinctive visceral connection” with history may be much diminished, if not lost, when our cultural heritage is stored in sterile databases rather than in actual objects. 

  • What's Best Next | Matt Perman (Book)

    • Probably on the nerdier end of the scale, which means it's right up my alley. Beyond just the practical ideas I was looking for, this really illuminated the greater purpose for planning. I intend to revisit this often, once you get the whole concept, you can review individual sections like a guidebook.
  • Why Do We Give Up on Bible Reading? | Bryce Young (Article)

    • The main engine that moves you through life is not what you know, but what you love
    • When we read the Bible, we’re not performing self-surgery to help ourselves think better or act better. We are turning ourselves over to God, whose healing sword pierces to the division of our very souls and spirits, joints and marrow (Hebrews 4:12).
  • Back to the Cave | Frank Chimero) (Article)

    • creativity and caves force you to navigate in the dark. You go by feel with unsteady footing. You run your fingers along whatever is within reach and take it one slow step at a time. It’s only after you’re out of the dark that the choices seem inevitable 
  • Interview with Ernest Hebert, Award-Winning Author and Professor of Creative Writing at Dartmouth College (Article)

    • writing is not hard, but it is hard work.


  • Songs of Experience | U2 (Album) 

    • Probably just because this is fresh on my mind, but I'm relieved this album is very repeatable.
  • Hope Where There Was None | Loud Harp (Album) 

    • Always a breath of fresh, in music and thought.
  • Home | Josh Garrels (Album) 

    • Not just because his music is all over our wedding CD.
  • Hurry Slowly | Jocelyn Glei (Podcast)

    • I really look forward to every episode, just because how thorough and efficient the conversation is. They really dig into each topic and usually tend to go a direction I hadn't considered. And it doesn't go on just for the sake of making a longer show.
  • The Liturgists Podcast | Michael Gungor & Science Mike (Podcast) 

    • Not a short show by any means, but really exceptionally produced. I'm sharing this mainly just to make sure it becomes common vernacular to reference.


  • Black Mirror | Charlie Brooker (Show)

    • (NOTEExtreme viewer discretion advised, seriously) I have to admit, I've only watched the first episode of the first season, but when I thought about what stuck with me this year, this was at the top of my mind. Not much else I watched this year has prompted me to research so much. To reiterate; I DO NOT reccomend this to everyone, especially this first episode, but if you're able to suspend your conscious a little, and read between the lines, there is a lot to be said here. I do want to watch more of the episodes, and I'm looking forward to the books coming this year based on the show. 

  • The Last Jedi | Rian Johnson (Movie)

    • I promise, I'm not just trying to increase my search results. I can honestly say this movie delivered my high expectations. There's a few things that I still wish were left out or done differently, but the heart of this movie is gives so much to chew on. Building the mythos of the universe and new characters is always a welcome addition. And in regards to the surrounding controversy, it's been said that if you make something nobody hates, then nobody will love it either. I think this movie will be well loved in the end.

  • Player Two | John Wikstrom (Vimeo)

    • I still smile when I think about this short. From concept to execution, I think this is just right.

So that's some of the content I consumed this year that I thought was worthwhile. It's an interesting exercise, looking back at what was really worth my time and how I want to course correct my future input. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or opinions about these, I know I can be a little too brief in my descriptions. 

I'm planning on sharing in a future post how I gather and keep track of some of these media. Once it's set up, I try to make it set and forget. 

So here's to another year, may it be something you look forward to and can look back on with pride and thankfulness.