Making Ideas

How do you think? That's something I'd love to ask people, but A) I'm not sure how to lead up to that in normal conversation, and B) I'm not sure how to answer that myself. But here's an attempt.

How I think I think

Most often, my initial thought about anything is unbridled possibility. The nth degree of something. The final iteration. But ideas are like babies; they need to be nutured to survive. Also like new life, they are the combination of other ideas. (I know I got the baby idea from somewhere else). So, ideas are fragile, accumulations of other thoughts. Now what? The best part of ideas is that they can exist outside of the (sub)conscious. We can make, at the bare minimum, a representation of them perceivable. Different aesthetics and varying degrees of fidelity are the little bits our identifiable consciousness that make our ideas unique.

So, how do I make ideas tangible?

I don't know. That is, I don't know very well right now. I know I'll never be able to make every idea I have tangible, so I know it's best to just work with the best ones. And I know the best ideas are preserved in their fragile state and strengthened by bouncing of other ideas, making new connections until a strong enough bond is formed that can withstand some more prodding and experimentation. But then taking that idea, and realizing it so it can be sensed by other people is the stuggle for me right now.

The point of all this

All of that to say: I am going to be making a much more focused effort on realizing ideas and practicing making them tangible. I've read and heard and watched that starting is the hardest part. You can't edit a blank page. So that's what this rambling is for; starting. And I'm giving myself something to point to and say, "this, this is why I'm making random ideas and figuring out what ideas are worth pursuing further."

That is my goal for future writing here: to document my process of learning and practicing.