Artists must confront the climate crisis - The Guardian

We can’t just ask the shallow questions any more.

This is a function of art I frequently forget. There is a responsibility for people who are able to communicate a specific vision or viewpoint, to communicate what is best for their community. It seems trite to use this language anymore, but there is no more unifying community than the threat we have created for ourselves.

Some more select quotes, I could have just copied the whole article over:

Sometimes I think we must be able to imagine the end of things, so that we can imagine how we will come through that which we imagine

This is a time when we ought to dedicate ourselves to bringing about the greatest shift in human consciousness and in the way we live.

That is the function of dystopias and utopias: one to make real to us a destination we must not follow, the other to imagine for us a future that is possible.

as artists we dedicate our lives to nothing short of re-dreaming society

Hat tip to Hugo Guerra

November 14, 2021