After Effects plugins update Q2 2024

Maybe I should just call this Q3 update, I don’t know.

  • Queue Work Area | $15 suggested - Description is in the title.
  • kBar | $40 - This kind of cracked the seal on getting new plugins, but I really should have got this years ago. So far, it’s most used for running Ease Copy.
  • Slides & Grids | $58 - Got this for a specific project and I would say has already paid for itself within 24 hours.
  • Flex | $25 - This is actually a great deal bundled with Slides & Grids (above). I tried (the trials) of this first, and didn’t quite get what I needed. Looking forward to using it though.

June 3, 2024 tech video after effects

iPhone 13 mini discontinued - The Verge

I will cherish my vintage 3-year old relic for as long as possible.

April 29, 2024 tech links

April 27, 2024 photos personal

Twenty Thousand Hertz - All About That Bass

Really enjoyed this episode about the history of bass in music. Some elements of this story could swap nouns with today’s headlines.

April 4, 2024 links internet music

2023 Keepers

Finally culled my favorite songs I saved from last year.

March 12, 2024 links music personal

Big Sky Film Fest 2024 (online)

I believe this was my first time buying tickets to a virtual screening of doc film fest. I thought it was very well executed and wanted to share.

I saw that the great studio in Rhode Island, Gnarly Bay had a film screening at the fest. I actually forget if they said you could get virtual tickets or I saw it on the film fest site, but for a mere $10, I got access to a block of short docs. The viewing period is similar to renting a digital movie: you have a pre-set time period to begin viewing and after you start watching, you have 24 hours to finish. Very reasonable. I wasn’t sure if the viewing period was per film or the whole block (I assumed it was the whole block) so I waited till the weekend when I knew I had time to sit down and enjoy the whole block at once.

For the delivery format, I was pleasantly surprised that the Apple TV app worked flawlessly. The Eventive app simply had me find the film fest and put in my code for my session block.

I was really just impressed with that experience overall. I think this is a fantastic platform for indie film.

As for the films themselves, they were also great! One in particular still stands out in my mind, Wild Hogs and Saffron. It is a simple showcase on the power of listening. Which I know sounds like a hallmark card or something, but it really is that simple. Listen more than you talk.

March 4, 2024 video movies