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Our son has turned a corner and been sleeping through the night for almost two months now. That has been the biggest and most positive change since he was born, and I feel like a human again, and loving him more every day. (That feels like a cliche to say, but it really is the truth. Parenting is getting pretty cool.)

Getting out of winter is always a refreshing state of mind to be in and I’m very much looking forward to another summer.


I think I am beginning to become set in my ways, aka: old. I feel like a grump every time I try to set firmer boundaries to make work/life balance happen, but I’m finding so far that’s the only way to do it. I’m thankful our small company is prospering and getting bigger jobs to work on, but I think finding that balance and also managing expectations and planning will become a larger part of my work in the near future.

All this to say, I recently wrapped the biggest project I’ve worked on in my career yet, and it was probably the most consecutive hours I’ve worked on one video ever. So I’m learning my lesson and trying to figure out how to not work like that again, but still produce the same and better results.


Related to the above two sections, other activities outside of work have been pretty low lately. But like I said, I am looking forward to the changing seasons and longer daylight hours. I guess looking forward to more free time is the status of what I’ve been up to, and some of those are: taking our son to the pool and playing with him in the backyard, disc golf, long bike rides and eating outside again.


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October 22, 2022