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Celebrating our son’s birthday was a little surreal. I instantly became the dad who wants to show you a million photos of my son’ guy. But I am satisfied as a parent, and very thankful for a happy healthy child. Again, outside of parenting, personal pursuits have taken a backseat.


I feel like I’m growing into the administrative duties of my role: scheduling, planning, keeping tabs on what other people are working on. I see the need to multiply my efforts by training and helping others take on duties I would normally do. The control side of me is learning to let go.


I have officially started my Fall Spotify playlist, so I can say not as many bike rides as I would have liked this summer. The days are quickly growing shorter again. But I guess I can say I’ve almost made it a habit to take our son on a walk to the nearby park at least once a week, before work no less! So that’s a new habit I’m thankful for.


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September 18, 2023