Magic Mouse Prediction

I just wanted to document this before I put it off again; I think Apple should / will upgrade” the current Magic Mouse to charge wirelessly via either the Qi standard or use the proprietary Apple Watch magnetic charger, the same way the AirPods case does.

This is peak Apple to me. Completely ignore the most glaring user experience you explicitly create (this isn’t a side effect” of an external protocol, this is all an in house experience they make), then come out with a new” technology and market it very publicly. I like to think they are currently selling Magic Mice at break even or loss and to retool their assembly would put that product line in the red to start out. That’s the only logical explanation I can think of. It certainly isn’t because of lack of demand or not being able to figure out a solution, or thinking that the current experience is superior.

I’m just thankful I still have my AA battery Magic Mouse.

tech Apple

November 5, 2023