Big Sky Film Fest 2024 (online)

I believe this was my first time buying tickets to a virtual screening of doc film fest. I thought it was very well executed and wanted to share.

I saw that the great studio in Rhode Island, Gnarly Bay had a film screening at the fest. I actually forget if they said you could get virtual tickets or I saw it on the film fest site, but for a mere $10, I got access to a block of short docs. The viewing period is similar to renting a digital movie: you have a pre-set time period to begin viewing and after you start watching, you have 24 hours to finish. Very reasonable. I wasn’t sure if the viewing period was per film or the whole block (I assumed it was the whole block) so I waited till the weekend when I knew I had time to sit down and enjoy the whole block at once.

For the delivery format, I was pleasantly surprised that the Apple TV app worked flawlessly. The Eventive app simply had me find the film fest and put in my code for my session block.

I was really just impressed with that experience overall. I think this is a fantastic platform for indie film.

As for the films themselves, they were also great! One in particular still stands out in my mind, Wild Hogs and Saffron. It is a simple showcase on the power of listening. Which I know sounds like a hallmark card or something, but it really is that simple. Listen more than you talk.

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March 4, 2024