Last updated September 18, 2023 from Chicago, IL


Looking at another birthday on the horizon (and remembering I’ll be sharing this season with my son from now on). Always a strange time of year, mixed emotions of anticipation and regret (just regular aging and looking back at one’s life) but I think I feel some more contentment than usual this year. I am continually beyond thankful for a healthy child, that might be my baseline happiness in life now. So a pretty good place to be.


I think I’ve said the word process more in the past 6 months than other time in my life. We are in the midst of a bit of a refinement period, refining how we operate and creating room for growth. It is equal parts exciting and challenging.

As far as skill building, I feel like I’m growing in different ways at a steady rate–which I’m thankful for—but still not specializing as much as I’d like. I think I’m coming to a point where I really need to practice delegating and letting things go out of my control so I can say no to different things and yes to others.


Playing a little more music lately, getting ideas to the hard point and then moving on to something else. Been playing the NYT daily crossword somewhat regularly. Finally got back into our family budget and actually been keeping up with that, which is its own satisfaction. And trying to refine my personal processes in writing and computing, using some inspiration from work (see above). And was going to say not much new in physical activity, but I actually have been doing some Apple Fitness+ classes lately, so I hope to continue those.


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